What is Power Washing

also known as pressure washing

How does Power Washing Work?

Power washing is the use of a high pressure stream of water to loosen and lift dirt from hard surfaces.

What Can Power Washing Be Used For?

Power washing can be used for a multitude of cleaning tasks, from a your car to cleaning a driveway or a whole building exterior. It is great for lifting dirt and grime that has build up over time, and also great for removing things like chewing gum, loose pain, mold and many other things.

Is it Safe to Power Wash?

Generally speaking, power washing is safe on most hard surfaces. If we feel it would be unsafe to use a power washer on any surface, we will inform you straight away before proceeding. 

What is Power Washing Typically Used For?

Typlically, power washing is used for cleaning cars, driveways, gutters, decks, roofs, and patios. Other uses include cleaning commercial building siding, car parks, cladding etc. It’s use will depend on the surface of the material to be cleaned.